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Terms and Conditions

Contact details:
Van Reesstraat 117
2593 PP Den Haag

KvK nr: 64507378
BTW nr: NL855 69639 4B01

Phone: 0031 (0)6 8351 8927

Customer service: 0031 (0)6 8351 8927

Email: info@waldorfdating.com

Article 1 - Definitions
In these terms and conditions we understand the following to be:
WaldorfDating: the entrepreneur who offers services described in article 2.1 .
Consumer: the person not representing a company and who have an agreement of a paid or free membership with WaldorDating.
Participants: the other consumers who have an agreement of paid or free membership with WaldorfDating.
Website: the online platform in which services described in article 2.1 are offered.
Membership: the agreement between the Dating site and a Consumer resulting in the use of the services mentioned in article 2.1, whether through paid or free membership.
'Thuiswinkel' terms and conditions: the terms and conditions of Thuiswinkel.org.
Privacy terms and conditions: the terms and conditions of WaldorfDating with regards to processing of personal details.

Article 2 - Services
The services of WaldorfDating consist of offering the possibility to make online contact with other Participants or to create an online match for Participants on the basis of by the Dating site determined indicators.
WaldorfDating gives a clear/transparent insight on these indicators on their website.
WaldorfDating does not guarantee success in finding a relationship. WaldorfDating is transparent about the services they offer. Before entering membership clear information is provided about tariffs, the automatic extension of the membership, the terms and conditions and the possibilities of Website, in order for the Consumer to fully understand what is being offered. WaldorfDating may request additional requirements of Consumers wanting to use their services. Think of: requirements for minimal or maximum age, education and relationship type. These requirements will be made clear on the Website before entering a Membership. The additional requirements are only required to define the target group of the Dating site and enlarge the chance of success (a date or match). The additional requirements can not be in conflict with the terms and conditions or the 'Thuiswinkel' terms and conditions.
The following additional requirements are required on WaldorfDating:
-Minimum age 18 years old.
-The possibility of contacting other Participants may have stipulations, for example the stipulation of entering a certain Membership. WaldorfDating will inform the Consumer before entering a Membership agreement about the terms and conditions on contact If between Participants and on which Participants can/or cannot receive which messages. If services are offered against Membership payment, this is based on a fixed amount for a certain period of time or for an amount per action or a combination of these. The Dating site provides clear information on this on the Website before entering a membership agreement.
WaldorfDating cannot guarantee the correctness and completeness of information provided by Participants. Participants are responsible for the information they provide via the Website.
WaldorfDating is not responsible for behaviours of Participants during for instance a date after meeting on the Website. Availability of services: WaldorfDating endeavours to provide services to Consumers without malfunction. WaldorfDating cannot guarantee continuous availability of services. In case of maintenance of the website WaldorfDating aims to announce well in advance and with as little disruption as possible.

Article 3  - Behaviour of consumers
The Consumer may not act indecent or unlawful or encourage others to do so. It is, for instance, not permitted for the Consumer to:
-use threatening language towards Participants or to WaldorfDating;
-place unlawful texts, images or sound material;
-place text, images or sound material that offend against (intellectual property)rights of third parties.
The Consumer is not allowed to:
-state untruths in the profile;
-ask for or offer erotic contact;
-fill in more than one profile per person;
-distribute commercial information ;
-detriment or annoy other Participants or WaldorfDating;
-use racist or offensive expressions;
-disclose information from another users profile in any way, not by copying or otherwise re-using without explicit permission of the concerned participant/user; provide third parties with login details, these are strictly personal+ mention email addresses or phone numbers in free fields in the profile.
In case of a Consumer acting in conflict with article 3.1 or 3.2, WaldorfDating reserves the right to end the Membership of the Consumer and to edit, block or delete the profile with immediate effect. WaldorfDating will inform the Consumer about this and the reason why. The Consumer accepts that WaldorfDating can check their provided details and behaviour if there is a reasonable motive with regards to possible offenses of article 3.1 and 3.2.

Article 4  - complaints about participants - deception
If WaldorfDating receives a complaint about a Participant, we will investigate this complaint and take the necessary action. WaldorfDating aims to remove, block or edit profiles of Consumers which contain untruths, are misleading or of which it is clear that they could harm other Participants. WaldorfDating aims to inform Consumers about possible misleading behaviour of other Participants on the Dating site. On the Website risks are pointed out and tips are given to prevent harm.

Article 5 - Protection personal details
Privacy terms and conditions of WaldorfDating apply to use of the Dating site. These describe how we use personal details of the Consumer. WaldorfDating follows the law with regards to the protection of privacy and the cookie-law. If WaldorfDating has a reasonable suspicion of violation of the rules in article 3.1 and 3.2 and other Participants could (potentially) experience harm, WaldorfDating reserves the right to look into the exchanged details between Participants the via the Dating site. See privacy terms and conditions of WaldorfDating.

Article 6 - Liability
WaldorfDating is liable for damage as a result of neglect in compliance of WaldorfDating, unless this neglect cannot be allocated to WaldorfDating. The Consumer is liable for damage as a result of neglect in compliance of the Consumer , for instance by violation of article 3, unless this neglect cannot be allocated to the Consumer.

Article 7  - cancellation consumer
A payed Membership can be entered into for a day to a year. At the end of this period The Membership can be extended for any amount of time. Before your membership expires you will receive a message from WaldorfDating. Via this email you can choose to extend making use of the services of WaldorfDating for a certain period of time. You can also choose to extend your membership indefinitely. For this last option the regular monthly price is applicable (without the discount) of 9,95per man. At any moment in time you can choose to stop by unsubscribing .The service will be end in the next period that hasn't been payed for. A (payed) Membership can be cancelled via the withdrawal form. The Consumer will receive a confirmation of unsubscription on the email address known to WaldorfDating. Regardless of whether the (payed) Membership has been cancelled, on specific request of the Consumer WaldorfDating will at all times remove the profile of the Consumer as soon as possible and always within 2 weeks of receiving the request of Consumer. The Consumer has the right to withdraw Membership for up to 14 days after subscribing for Membership as in article 6 of the' Thuiswinkel' terms and conditions. In the case of the Consumer using this right, but having already made use of the services of WaldorfDating, WaldorfDating has the right to charge a reasonable amount for used services. This amount is never higher than the membership payment the consumer has payed for. WaldorfDating will ask the Consumer clearly for permission to enter services before the right of withdrawal period has expired and will inform the Consumer on the amount that will be payable if they then decide to use their right of withdrawal.

Article 8 -  Complaints procedure
WaldorfDating will react to a complaint within 3 working days.

Article 9 -  additional clauses and amendments
Additional amendments can never be disadvantageous to Consumers. These amendments need to be in writing or so that the Consumer can simply save the information on a lasting data carrier. The terms and conditions Dating sites can only be changed in consultation with the Consumers Association. Source: Social and Economic Council (SER)