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Contact tips

When looking through search results, a decision to view a profile is often made on the basis of a picture and the first lines of 'about me'. Be aware that you have this limited chance to show others that your profile is worth opening. Tips to have a greater chance at contact requests?

Profile: Be informative and positive Be positive.

Trust and believe in yourself. Try to be as honest as possible, show who you are and what you want. This way you will prevent disappointment and have more chance of attracting the right person. Avoid standard replies like: 'great that you are viewing my profile'. Tell something about yourself in a free field, what do you like and what are you looking for. Try to captivate the reader by writing an easy flowing piece and avoid summaries.


A picture can result in more attention but does not necessarily result in a better match. Choose your pictures with care.

To find someone

Try to find the balance between a very broad search and a narrow search. Try not to get distracted by a picture (try not to judge), just the fact that someone does not look that attractive to you does not means that they don't have a great sense of humour or is really easy to talk to. Sometimes opposites attract and this person might be the perfect candidate for a date or just a friend to do something fun with.

Contact. Mail with attention, the key to success.

Your first contact is worth a lot. Approach people in a personal manner and 'show' them something about you. Don't forget that most people think it important that you write correctly ever language. It is generally important that it shows you have written your message with care. Treat the other person as you would treat yourself. If you do not want to continue with a contact or are instantly not interested, let them know. Of course it is difficult to reject someone, but honesty is usually appreciated.

WaldorfDating offers you a great tool with which you can easily compile and send a rejection message. You can find the link at the bottom of each received message. Exchanging an (email) address or phone number is at your own risk, we advise to let some time pass before you do so. You can always exchange details at a later point in time, when you have got to know the person a bit better.


Often you only know if there is a click with a person when you meet them at a real date. Don't rush into this, there is lots of time to anonymously deepen the contact first. Get to know each other and if you then both feel like it you can arrange where and when to meet.

Tips for safe dating

Never instantly disclose your personal details and do not put them in your profile. Let all communication run through the secured site of WaldorfDating. If a member expresses to want to have direct contact straight away, be careful and alert. Unfortunately there are people with less honourable intentions.
For a first date don't meet at someone's home, choose a nice restaurant/cafe/pub.