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About Waldorf

Waldorf education is inspired by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), the founder of anthroposophy. After World War I Steiner committed himself to s social renewal, which was to free people from wage slavery. Steiner gave many lectures on the social issues, also for labourers at the Waldorf-Astoria factory. When he was pleading there to let the children go to school for a longer number of years to allow them better developmental growth and education, this struck a cord with the labourers. They wanted such a school for their children. Emil Molt, the factory director, asked Steiner to lead this initiative. This how the very first Waldorf school was created in Stuttgart 1919, the Freie Waldorfschule.
(From: https://po.devrijeschooldenhaag.nl/geschiedenis/) For more information on Waldorf,

also see http://www.waldorf-100.org/